Click on each lab to learn more about its recommended prerequisites, key concepts, and materials. Please feel free to download and use any material found on this site. Each lab has a student version, as well as a teacher version that contains background information about the topic, tips for how to lead the lab, and answers to discussion questions. Some labs have an additional advanced student version, which is typically the same as the student version except it includes a bit more in-depth analysis and/or quantification of results. In general, the labs should fit the needs of middle school and high school students, but some are recommended more for one age group over the other. 

Nature of Science

These activities are designed to introduce some basic scientific concepts and skills that are important for any science lab or inquiry. The activities are broken into two groups: Observations and Measurements.Symbols, Glyphs and Rock Art: Petroglyphs

Symbols, Glyphs, and Rock Art: Petroglyphs

In this lesson, we will learn about the ways people conveyed their messages throughout history. We will look into the development of communications and language, particularly symbols and glyphs, with an emphasis on petroglyphs.


Intro to Engineering Design: Hospital Gowns

In this lab you will be introduced to the Engineering Design Method. Similar to the way the Scientific Method guides scientists as they understand the world around us, the Engineering Design Method guides engineers as they solve everyday problems and create new solutions to those problems.

Catapult Design: Flight of the Marshmallows

In this lab you will design a better catapult device for the Queen’s kingdom using only copy paper, two rubber bands, tape, and a single ruler. Designs will be evaluated on both distance traveled by the marshmallow and catapult weight. This lab draws from concepts in the engineering design process as well as elements of projectile motion.